Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

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Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

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Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

Slí An Chroí

Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

Shamanic Rites

Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

One to One

Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

Slí An Chroí

Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland

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Slí An Chroí Centre, Smithfield, Dublin 7.

The Slí An Chroí Centre is now in multiple locations in the Smithfield quarter having moved from The Distillers Building. We continue to offer community and training opportunities from suitable spaces. Ensure that you are aware of the address of the space advertised for the event(s) that appeal to you.




Recurring Events At The Centre:


Introduction To Shamanism 1 Day Workshop. For more information, click here.


Shamanic Practice Community Gatherings: For those who have completed the Introduction to Shamanism




"Tá An Chónocht Ag Teacht
Tagann Cothrom Sa Dorchadas
Agus Faoi Sholas"


" Equinox is Coming
Balance Comes In The Dark And Light"

Twice a year, the phenomenon of equal dark and light envelopes us. In common parlance an Equinox is when day and night are equal in length and the sun rises due east and sets due west. The equality of these core, cosmic expressions of energy repeats twice yearly the sacred principle of all health - balance. At the precise moment of Equinox, the sun crosses the earth's Celestial Equatorial Plane. This Plane is a projection of the terrestrial equator out into space.The Spring Equinox holds special magic, ushering in the return of warmth, and with it, a veritable amplified renewal of plant and animal life. This is an extremely powerful alignment when we embrace it as equally personal and cosmic.


Spring Equinox in the Emerald Isle will fall precisely on Monday, March 20th at 10.29AM (GMT). There is a folk tradition of celebrating it yearly on March 21st. We are now approaching the halfway mark between Imbolg (Spring) and Bealtaine (Summer), soon after Equinox, the sunlight in a day will begin to outlast the darkness of night and that for many is a joyous observation. First however, there is the sacred pause of a balancing principle. This consequence of the Earth's journey around the Sun can be embraced personally and collectively to rich reward.


Slí An Chroí Events This Spring



Friday 17th- Sunday 19th March: Slí An Chroí Community Stand @ Mind-Body-Spirit Show: Venue: Hall 4 RDS Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Time: 11 - 7pm Fri & Sat, 11 - 6pm Sun. Admission to Festival: €12 - All Talks are then free.


Ireland's premier holistic health and well being exhibition with interactive, enlightening and warm community. Once again, Slí An Chroí will facilitate the Opening Ceremony (orientated by the forthcoming Spring Equinox) on Friday 17th (1.30PM) - all welcome! Over the 3 days we will be present at our Stand which is now famous as a meeting place! We will also be sharing information on shamanic practice and provide special individual energy medicine cleansing rituals which raise important funds for Bernardos. In the rooms upstairs we will be offering Talks and Workshops. Boost your Spring energies, source balance from Equinox and honour your practice by joining us. You can learn more at


Thursday 23rd March: Trinity Public Healthcare Talk on Shamanism.
Venue: Room 2.57 Trinity School of Nursing & Midwifery, D' Olier St, Dublin 2. Time: 2 - 4pm including Q & A session. Admission: Free.


Karen is honoured to have been invited to give the 2017 edition 'Do the ancient roots of Celtic shamanism have a bearing on holistic health today?' relating to her PhD in DCU on Shamanism, Spirituality, Counselling & Healthcare. To book please click here:


Thursday 23rd March: An Evening of Ceremony with Mongolian Shaman Uuduu.
Venue: Time for Me, Sth Frederick St, Dublin 2. Time: 7.30 - 10pm including Q & A session. Admission: €20.


Slí an Chroí is delighted to host Mongolian Shaman Uuduu Odnoo with Ger Walsh of Time for Me this Spring. Through her translator Tunamaldeef she will weave the story of the calling of her lineage and her beautiful centre in the Steppes of Mongolia with her husband, also a Shaman. Uuduu will then led us on a Shamanic Journey and finish with a lively question and answer session. To book please email Ger at


Saturday 25th March: Shamanic Practice Community Day
Venue: Sli An Chroi Community Space, Smithfield, Dublin 7. Time: 10.30 - 5.30pm. Investment: €75.


Especially for practitioners who have taken the One Day Introduction to Shamanism in the past and for those who have early circle experience. Shamanic Practice Community are accessible advance practice days occurring once every two months that deepen personal healing and extend a person's power and wisdom. It is accurate to see the learning of Shamanic Practice Community as the perfect development between One Day Introduction to Shamanism and The Medicine Spiral. E mail if you would like to participate.



Saturday 1st APRIL: Moon Mná Circle Facilitators Course Final Day 4, Venue: Time for Me Centre, Sth Frederick St, Dublin 2. Time: 10 - .30pm.


If you wish to inquire about the next edition of this Course to become a Moon Mná Circle facilitator for women please email


Sunday 2nd April: B.O.R.N. Art Exhibition Shamanic Opening Ceremony
Venue: the Odeon Cinema, the Point Village, Dublin 1 Time: 11am. Admission: Free


Shamanic Artist Barbara O'Meara has invited Karen to perform this poignant Ceremony for her powerful "Babies of Ravaged Nations" exhibition, which will include an honouring of the Tuam babies. This is part of the Five Lamps Arts Festival. For details

Fri. 7th- Sun. 9th April: Medicine Spiral - West Direction Training
Venue: Dunderry Park, Co. Meath, Friday 8pm - Sunday 4pm


This is the final weekend of this training, known as the "Path of Passing Within", shamanic principles of Destiny, Ecstacy and Projections are major stepping stones of this finale weekend of the great apprenticeship training. The deasghnátha are the High Rites Of The Stars. Over 20 people will receive their Lineage Stone, completing their mála naofa and become carriers of ancient and powerful medicine.
If you wish to know more please click HERE

Tues. 11th April: Moon Mná Women's Circle: Morrigan Birth, Death, Rebirth Attunement
Venue: this is virtual so wherever you are Time: 9-10pm Investment: Free

If you wish to receive this powerful attunement and be added to the Moon Mna email list to receive information click HERE.


Thurs. 13th April: Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) Exhibition: "As Above So Below". IMMA, Kilmainham Admission: €8/€5


Featuring an exciting selection of modern masterworks, contemporary art and new commissions, IMMA presents a major international exhibition that looks at the role of spirituality in visual art. In particular, it considers the role played by certain spiritualist and alternative doctrines in the creation of abstract painting from its origins to the present digital age. At the midday opening of this exhibition to the public on April 13th, John has been invited to provide Spirit Animal Readings to those visitors drawn to connecting experientially to primal shamanism. John's readings will be provided free of charge. The exhibition runs until August 27th. For more information, CLICK HERE


Fri. 14th April: Brigid's Way One Day Walk for National Pilgrim Path Week
Venue: Slane to Tara Time: 10.30am - approx 5pm Admission: Free


Join Karen & Orla for this sacred Pilgrimage on Easter Friday as we walk in Brigid's footsteps. This is Day 4 of her 9 day epic pilgrimage route We will begin with a Brigid's Water Blessing at the River Boyne and finish with her Fire Blessing at Tara's Open Studio. For details go to Brigid's Way Facebook page or email


Fri. 28th - Sun. 30th April: Healers Spiral: West Direction
This is the final direction and the final weekend of training for a very special group of experienced shamanic healers. The West Direction is dedicated to continuing the ancient tradition of healing service shamans bring to those who are dying and to the Spirits of those who have entered the realms of The Otherworld. This tradition and the techniques involved are today beginning to supplement palliative and hospice care. John and Karen are immensely proud of the robust, life changing healings that this group have already brought to many people who came forward as case study clients. If you wish to learn more please click HERE.


Events later In 2017
Sunday, May 21st: One Day Introduction to Shamanism. Click HERE

Ongoing On-Line Course
Moon Mná Women's Circle Facilitators Course Step into the Sacred Feminine with the Celtic Goddesses to learn how to facilitate your own Women Circles following the Lunar calendar. Find out more HERE.

Spring Equinox Ceremony Suggestions

In your garden or the wilderness, seek permission from plants about you to pluck any diseased leaves. Holding them in your hand, blow with your breath the energies you hold in your body that are the result of any imbalances. Do this repeatedly until your biofeedback clearly indicates that you have shared those energies of imbalance thoroughly. Again seeking permission from Mother Earth, dig a shallow hole. Let this be regarded as a broin or womb that receives that which needs to be absorbed and recycled into energies that will once again support new growth. Honour the broin, decorating the covering earth with colourful items of Nature about you.


A traditional ritual at An Cónocht is to cut an apple in half across the middle rather than from the stem down. An apple will reveal the pentacle or 5 pointed star perfectly in each half. Often referred to as the “star of Sofia”, the star is the universal sacred symbol of wisdom. Place prayers/intentions for balance in your personal life and for our world in each half of the apple, at exactly the same place in each half. Simple way to do this is to use 2 cloves that can be brought to your mouth to receive your breath of intention. Insert one into each half of the apple. Do this as much as you need noting the journey of your feelings as you progress. When you feel completed, bind the 2 apple halves together with organic material to return it to its original wholeness. Hang your Equinox apple from a tree in your garden or in the wild. (If you are in company or relationship, this ritual has an extra poignancy when one person tends to one half of the apple in harmony with another with his/her half of apple)


Mála Naofa Seasonal Guidance

Allow your mála to be open in nature for a full 24 hours, absorbing the balance of light and dark energies. Alternatively, you may like to have your mála open for the hours of dawn and dusk chorus. Find time to gather your lia naofa (sacred stones) together with all the other items you hold in your bundle. Create a pile in the centre of your cloth. With eyes closed, use the palms of your hands to flatten out the pile with 3 anticlockwise circular movements. Look at the arrangement now of all your mála objects. Can you see where there is balance and imbalance? Repeat this ritual from the beginning again, this time flattening out the pile with 3 clockwise circular movements. Again look for clear indications of balance and imbalance. If there is commonality in any item(s) that indicate imbalance in both halves of the ritual, pay them special attention. What is being indicated for you to address in your life to restore balance where there is currently imbalance?


Thank you for reviewing our Spring Equinox offerings.


Please contact us by e mail or by telephone 01-670 4905 if you would like to book a place on any of the advertised events. Where required, Booking Forms can be downloaded from the website. Some of the trainings and gatherings can only accommodate those who have made a prior booking. We strongly advise you ensure your name is on our Booking List for an event, to avoid disappointment.

Le brí na taise,
with the energy of compassion,


John and Karen.





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Sli an Chroi - Native Celtic Shamanism in Ireland


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