Summer Solstice 2017Schedule
June-July. Read It Here


TCD Spiritual Research Group Ceremony
June 22nd .Click Here


Body & Soul Festival
June 23rd-25th, Click Here


Moon Mná Women's Circle Annual Weekend
July 7th - 9th, Click Here


Mála Masterclass #1
July 8th, .Click Here


Moon Mná "Faerie Rites" Attunement
July 10th, .Click Here


Edge of the Wild, Ecopsychology Conference
July 14th - 16th, England, Click Here


Shamanic Practice Community Day
July 22nd, .Click Here


One Day Inroduction to irish Shamanism
July 23rd, .Click Here


Mála Masterclass #2
July 29th, .Click Here


Mála Masterclass #3
July 30th, .Click Here


Happening through 2017....

Moon Mná Online Courses


One Day Introductions to Shamanism

Shamaanic Practice Community Workshops

Seasonal Celebration Gatherings

One To One Shamanic Healing Clinic