Spring Equinox 2017Schedule
March-April. Read It Here


Mind Body Spirit Show RDS
Mar. 17th-19th, .Click Here


Trinity Lecture: "Shamanism"
Mar. 23rd, .Click Here


Mongolian Shamanism Evening
Mar. 23rd, .Click Here


Shamanic Practice Community Day
Mar. 25th, .Click Here


Moon Mná Facilitators Training, Day 4
Apr. 1st, .Click Here


B.O.R.N. Art Exhibition Shamanic Opening
Apr. 2nd, .Click Here


Medicine Spiral 16-17 "West" Direction"
Apr.7th - 9th, Dunderry, Co. Meath .Click Here


Moon Mná Morrigan Attunement
Apr. 11th, .Click Here


IMMA Art Exhibition: Power Animal Readings
Apr. 13th, .Click Here


Brigid's Way 1 Day Walk
Apr. 14th, .Click Here


Healers Spiral 16-17 "West Direction"
Apr. 28 - 30th, Slí An Chroí Centre .Click Here


Happening through 2017....

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One Day Introductions to Shamanism

Shamaanic Practice Community Workshops

Seasonal Celebration Gatherings

One To One Shamanic Healing Clinic